Walk In Bath

For those less able bodied than average, there is no reason to miss out on the relaxing luxury that bathing can bring. A walk in bath can provide all the facilities that you need for your own chance to cleanse mind and body without the cumbersome performance of trying to negotiate a standard bath.

Wibco are responsible for the first ever walk in bath with an inward opening door. This makes them easy and safe to use for people of all ages and abilities. The Wibco walk in bath range come in a choice of sizes to fit any bathroom and a choice of colours to suit your personal taste. A water tight walk in bath means you can indulge in anything from a lengthy soak to a refreshing morning spruce up.


Baths have evolved from being a social affair of the ancient Greeks and Romans to a very private experience where bathers see it as the one moment in a hectic day where they can truly be at peace. Free from life's stresses, surrounded by soothing waters, possibly bubbles, with a choice of relaxing herbal remedies or re-vitalising ingredients, baths have become a ritual unto themselves. From a traditional, ornate affair to simple, modern baths, there is something to suit all tastes.

Disabled Baths

Baths are not just for physical cleansing, they have therapeutic qualities that should never be underestimated. Disabled baths can offer a host of benefits to the user where they are supported and cushioned by the water to ease strained and tired muscles. The waterproof inward opening doors of disabled baths mean that access is safe and simple and the bather can rest assured that once in the disabled bath the adjustable seat will support you while you relax.

Walk In Shower

A shower is part of almost everybody’s everyday life, but why should a shower be off limits to disabled or elderly people? Walk in showers offer easy, safe access into the shower, with an integrated seat to enable everybody to be able to shower safely. Now anybody can experience the convenience of a shower.

shower installation

Well over ten years ago, Wibco invented the world's first ever walk in baths with inward opening doors. The elderly, infirm and disabled have been enjoying the pleasure of safe and convenient bathing ever since.

The Walk in Bath company, based in Portsmouth, enjoy sales and distribution worldwide to a customer base that recognises world class quality, emphasised by the amount of Wibco firsts eg. the first walk in bath, the first slide in bath, the first proven water tight design – the list goes on.

To enjoy bathing again, whatever your ability, look to the Walk in Bath Company and allow us to meet all your needs and desires with a bathroom designed just for you.

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